Cindy Houts is the new director of the Alameda Food Bank. Photo courtesy of the Alameda Food Bank.

The Alameda Food Bank has a new executive director. Cindy Houts will take the helm after the food bank's current director, Troy Gilbert, leaves on July 4.

Houts, an Alameda resident, joins the food bank after seven years of running Alameda County Meals on Wheels. She has volunteered for the Alameda Food Bank and has been a rider and fundraiser for AIDS/LifeCycle. She has also coordinated volunteers for Rebuilding Together Oakland.


Getting into a habit of fitness can be a challenge for many people. If you are ever going to do it, or if you have dabbled in fitness from time to time, but never really committed, now is the time!

Why now? Why not three months ago or three months from now?

In his June 11 commentary in the Alameda Sun, John Knox White, a city Planning Board member, attempts to defend that the analysis for the environmental impact report for Alameda Point’s 1,425 homes and 9,000 jobs will result in net-one-car-off-Island during the morning commute.

Station 1, mid-1970s, 1 a.m.

The crew was catching some ‘zs. I awakened to the voice of Archie Bowels and the often-heard phrase, “Alameda Fire Department.” The plea of a female voice on the other end was alarming.

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My ambivalence about hair cutters began long ago and far away, in the wilds of the East Bronx at the end of the 1940s.

Alameda’s West End served the railroads well in the 19th century. But the East End also played an important role in their history.

This year, there is another noteworthy event starting on July 4 besides the Alameda R.A.C.E.: the Tour de France.

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Four years had passed, and I was on duty at our “new” Station 1 at the corner of Encinal and Park streets. My probation was completed, and I had quite a few fires under my belt; I was beginning to feel truly accepted and pretty comfortable in the fire department.

It's a week and a day early, but the first farmer's market of the summer happened Saturday. The stalls were all bursting with produce, the stone fruits are in abundance, Asian vegetables abound and the air is warm and soft and inviting.