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Alameda’s West End served the railroads well in the 19th century. But the East End also played an important role in their history.

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With morning and evening commute traffic expected to grow as the Island develops, the pressure is on to get out of the car and onto a bike.

Alameda Boy Scouts Cedrick Becerra, Branden Christman, Joshua O'Neil, Nicklas Gardner and Adam Reyes received the Eagle Scout award during a recent Boy Scouts of America National Court of Honor.

With rents rising and vacancies rare here in Alameda and across the Bay Area, it’s perhaps no surprise that rent control has become one of the hottest topics on the Island. It’s also one of the most emotional, pitting renters and housing advocates who say housing is a basic human right against property owners who feel controls would take their own rights away.

If Alameda’s political leaders were to implement rent controls – and the council is showing few signs that it intends to do that – what if any relief would those controls provide to renters? What impact would rent control have on property investment in Alameda? And what other factors affect housing costs and supply?

Patty Harding, mother of Clay Harding - who died tragically last November - speaks at Saturday's dedication of an Eagle Scout project in her son's name. The project, a memorial at City View Skate Park, was organized by Edan Winckler of Alameda Troop 73.

Schools leaders said Tuesday that they’ll reconsider a proposal to slash funding requests for a pair of innovative school plans that have been in the works for the past 18 months.

Superintendent Sean McPhetridge asked the Board of Education to table their planned consideration of innovative school proposals for Franklin and Henry Haight elementary schools following impassioned pleas from educators and parents for full funding of the plans.

Dear Councilmembers:

On June 16 you will vote on whether to approve development of Site A at Alameda Point. We, the city’s last three living former mayors, have been involved in reimagining the former Naval base since 1997. Time is overdue to implement a plan, and you can now deliver it for Alameda.

Alameda’s City Council will get a report Thursday on homelessness on the Island and on next steps that should be taken to combat it.

The report follows a homeless count conducted last September that was spearheaded by the city’s Social Service Human Relations Board. The board decided to conduct the count after a resident voiced concern that the number of homeless people frequenting Alameda’s West End appeared to be on the rise.

In the mid-1950s, Alameda was home to the great comedienne Phyllis Diller. Fast forward to present day and meet Alameda gal, stand up comic, activist and motivational speaker Nina G.