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City Council members agreed in principle on new rules intended to strengthen its process for mediating rent disputes but stopped short of passing an ordinance on Tuesday.

Council members said Tuesday that they are prepared to approve rules that would enshrine the existence of the city’s Rent Review Advisory Committee in the city’s code, require landlords to provide renters information about the committee when they hand out rent increases and require landlords and tenants to participate in scheduled rent dispute hearings.

Alameda's City Council okayed a 7.7 percent garbage pickup rate hike to help Alameda County Industries cover the cost of better pay and benefits for its recycling workers. But council members held off on new rent dispute mediation rules. Here's the tweet by tweet.

An eagle-eyed regular reader who noticed that we hadn't updated our development map since December asked if we could revise and repost it. Well, ask and ye shall receive. Here's an update of our popular map, along with an updated chart (attached) listing developments that are both proposed and in progress as well as sites that could someday hold housing.

Upon reading an article out of The Alamedan called "Alameda paramedicine pilot set to launch," published April 7, 2015, I am writing this as a concerned citizen of Alameda County. It has come to my attention this pilot program has been approved by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Currently, there are no substantial research findings that can support quality health outcomes for citizens who have been cared for by paramedics.

In mid-April, the East Bay Municipal Utility District adopted mandatory water use restrictions in response to Governor Jerry Brown's mandate that Californians conserve.

Water district officials voted to ask customers to use 20 percent less water than they used in 2013, though district staff expect that homeowners, apartment dwellers, business owners and other classes of customers will conserve at different rates. So far, the district hasn't laid down penalties for failure to conserve.

So, our questions for today: What are you doing to conserve water? And what penalties do you think the water district should impose on people who don't cut their water use?

Let us know by posting a comment below. And if you're a water super saver, give us a shout at letting us know what you're doing to save - we'd love to write a story about you.

During the final moments of this past Monday’s Planning Board meeting, City Planner Andrew Thomas announced a plan that would cap the number of homes that can be built on 37 acres of the North Housing parcel – Navy land that sits just north of the housing now occupied by members of the Coast Guard.

Video courtesy of the Association of Bay Area Governments.

The Association of Bay Area Governments honored the city at its 2015 Growing Smarter Together Awards last week for Jack Capon Villa, an 18-unit apartment building that serves low-income people with disabilities. The association produced this video about the project, which it shared with The Alamedan.

City Council members narrowly approved four-year contract extensions for police and firefighters on Wednesday that include a trust to help cover Alameda’s ballooning retiree medical bills.

After five hours of heated debate punctuated at some times by the burble of a fire radio from one of the many safety workers who packed council chambers Wednesday and another by a shouting match in the hallway outside, council members voted 3-2 to amend the contracts to establish and fund a trust and extend them until December 18, 2021.

Alameda's City Council narrowly okayed a plan to extend public safety contracts by four years, including a new trust fund for retiree health costs that both the city and workers will pay into. Here's the tweet by tweet.

Novato high school senior Miguel Delgado broke away from a four-way tie atop the leader board entering Sunday's final round to win the Alameda Commuters Tournament by three strokes.