Aging Gracefully (Or Not): The joy of humor

Aging Gracefully (Or Not): The joy of humor

Natalie Gelman

I find great pleasure in humor. As my writing continues, I will intersperse anecdotal stories.

My grandsons Isaac, just 9 years old, and Ari, just 6 years old, were here for a sleepover this weekend. We were going scooter riding to a park and Ari was putting on his shoes and socks. I walked into the room and he asked me to look at his feet. I noted that his socks were small for his feet.

“Ari, you are growing bigger and getting taller,” I said.

“Nana, eventually I will be as tall as you are,” he replied.

“That is true, Ari,” I said.

“But keep in mind, Nana, that you are getting older and are getting smaller. That happens with age,” he said.

I told him he is right, but I have no memory of sharing my experience with him. He clearly pays attention.

For many, the physical problems occur while other difficult issues are happening in their lives: deaths, financial stress, needing to move, family concerns. The physical concerns can limit activity and availability, more so than might have been the case when younger.

I just referred to our physical concerns and how our lives can change as a result of it. Sometimes care is required that means special care.

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