The Alamedan's $20,000 Challenge: Bigger and better!

The Alamedan's $20,000 Challenge: Bigger and better!

Michele Ellson

If you’re a regular reader of The Alamedan, you may have noticed something different about the site over the last few months: Namely, that there’s a lot more news here. We’ve been working hard to provide more of the news you care about – breaking news, monthly entries on faith and aging, and informational graphics that use data to tell Alameda’s story. (We’re also looking for a food and wine columnist, so if you know anyone, inquire within.)

Our primary goal this year is to build onto our foundational coverage of City Hall, our schools and Alameda Point in order to provide the fullest and truest picture of the community we share. And as I’ve written in previous posts, it’ll cost us $20,000 to do that this year – money we’re confident we can raise with the support of our wonderful (and growing) audience of readers.

You can join our effort to tell more of the story of Alameda by contributing online or sending a check to fiscal sponsor Community Initiatives (with Alameda Community News Project in the register), 354 Pine Street Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94104. Your support will earn you a public thank-you in next month’s fundraising post, a place on our donor list and, if you contributed $100 or more, a limited-edition Alamedan T-shirt.

And speaking of thanks: Thank you to Michael Torres and Jim Pruitt and Lynn Oveson for supporting The Alamedan this month. We couldn’t do this without you!

As always, if you’ve got thoughts, questions or suggestions, you can direct those to me at We want to hear from you!