Amblin’ Alameda: House Party

Amblin’ Alameda: House Party

Morton Chalfy

We celebrated our house’s 100th birthday with a party Sunday and a high old time was had by all. Emphasis on “old.” We played songs from the era, ate food that had been first introduced in 1913 (Mallomars, Cracker Jacks, Lifesavers and a punch out of the turn of the century) and several of the guests came in appropriate costume for the period. Most of our guests brought food from recipes gathered from an Internet search for “vintage recipes of 1913.”

The house seemed to enjoy the merriment and it cleverly over-shadowed the other birthday celebrated in May, that of the house’s owner. By using the house’s birthday, we avoided the uncomfortable reminders of encroaching age and subsumed the looming shades of mortality in the time-honored way: alcohol, food, music and friendship. Very successful it was too.

Looking around town one can be sure that many other houses share this birth year and it’s easily imaginable that they can all get together for a centenarians celebration of survival and renewal. Certainly our house has weathered the storms, fog and sunshine of the past hundred years in good style (and inflated valuation) and most of the others around have done the same. It says a lot for Alameda that the old housing stock of the town surpasses newer developments in aesthetics, livability and price.

To the friends who shared our good time and made it possible by their presence, we and our house say “thanks.” To the rest of Alameda may I suggest this form of house party as a great reason for a get-together. Worked for us.


Submitted by SFMichele on Tue, May 21, 2013

It would be lovely to see a photo of the Birthday Boy (or Girl) here on the site...