Amblin’ Alameda: Our Nation Is Not A Corporation

Amblin’ Alameda: Our Nation Is Not A Corporation

Morton Chalfy

During America’s silly season, Election Year, we are assailed with statements to the effect of “we need to run the government like a business” and other really stupid ideas. “Running government like a business” is code for firing or otherwise getting rid of all those “unproductive” people like our parents and grandparents. Like our children and our veterans and like anyone whose appearance we find distasteful.

These are things you can do in a corporation. Fire people, move them around at will, even break their unions and lower their wages. But you cannot fire citizens. You cannot get rid of the elderly and the country cannot escape its obligations to its citizenry.

A corporation might sign a contract for services and even be forced to live up to its provisions but no corporate contract contains the basic provision of every country’s implicit or explicit constitution; we, the government, have the obligation to defend our territory and our people and try to provide enough security for the people to live their lives; you, the citizen, if called upon, will fight and possibly die in defense of our common national good.

A corporation is owned by its shareholders and charged by them to make a profit and pay dividends. A nation is owned by its citizens and is charged by them to provide for the collective security and other national goods like a healthy and well-educated populace which is the basis of modern national wealth.

A corporation can downsize, outsource and relocate. A nation cannot.

A corporation can exclude anyone it doesn’t wish to hire.

A nation must accept all natives born to citizens.

A corporation exists for money.

A nation exists for the good of its people.

When nations are run like corporations it is called Feudalism, Crony Capitalism, Fascism or Corruptionville. In any case the point is always to exploit the people and keep the money.

When nations are run like nations the good of the populace is paramount and the voice of the people is heard loudly and often.

If you don’t think the nation is owned by the people just ask the French Royal Class. Oh, that’s right. There is no French Royal Class. Not since the owners of France, the people, got tired of being so oppressed.


Submitted by AlamedaBullMoose on Thu, Oct 4, 2012

“Running government like a business” ... could also mean running government as efficiently as possible, using the tax payers money to the maximum benefit. I think that people would feel better about the taxes they paid if they felt that the everyone was taxed fairly and that the money was spent with care. Just a thought ...