Amblin' Alameda: Park Street for linner

Amblin' Alameda: Park Street for linner

Morton Chalfy

Here's the thing. Aging imposes new rules on living, and one whole subset of rules governs eating: when, how much, how often and how bland. It also drives bedtime ever closer to getting-out-of-bed time.

Where once we happily played adult games all night and into the morning hours, we now eye the approach of 10 p.m. with a new version of "bedroom eyes" which ask the question, "Wanna go to bed?" where "bed" now means "sleep," unlike the days of youth when it meant no sleeping tonight, oh boy!

In keeping with our transition to the early shift, we often find ourselves eating sometime between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., and it's usually our second meal of the day, hence, "linner." On Monday evening we were at Tomatina's on Park Street happily sitting in the table next to the front window. We were enjoying the parade of people and animals who occupy Park Street when a friend came walking by. That meant a rap on the window, a wave and a guest at our table.

Such is life in Alameda, where one is likely to run into friends regularly and where camaraderie is rampant. Too late for the lunch menu, we had to order our usuals off the regular list and consequently carried home another full meal for each of us. That's another of the new rules of aging life - one's appetite, once realistically described as "able to eat a horse," is now much more "can hardly eat a thing." This rule, however, thankfully omits sweets (mostly chocolate) and baked goods where horse-eating is still practiced.

As part of our attempts to keep moving in this life, fearful that if movement ceases for too long it will cease altogether, we went to our club this morning to soak in the hot tub in an effort to ease the aches of bone and muscle. We go when the hot young bodies are still at work and join the rest of the old and creaky in the ministrations of the waters.

Old bodies are not pretty, but they are interesting, and instructive in ways that should not be revealed to the young (so you'll have to wait and find out for yourselves). Be sure to live a full and satisfying life so you can withstand the gradual fading of your powers. Enough said.

The athletic club is next to the new Target/Safeway center and the buildout is moving along remarkably quickly, now that the actual construction is well underway. The In-N-Out Burger is taking shape next to the fully functional gas station, and the housing units are quickly being finished next to the center.

When this project is completed and Alameda Point begins to come online, the weight of the island will shift to its West End. There's an interesting decade in store for Alameda and with the help of smaller meals eaten earlier in the day and judicious use of exercise and the hot tub, I hope to creak my way along long enough to see it all unfold.

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Submitted by Ken (not verified) on Wed, Mar 4, 2015

Shucks, I thought this would tell me what restaurants are open from 2-5 on Park Street. But perhaps there are many choices.