The Broad Brush: Your news in 60 seconds

The Broad Brush: Your news in 60 seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, your weekly, two-sentence news review. Here are your headlines for the week.

Some High Street residents are calling on tech companies that run buses through Alameda to address the traffic and parking problems they said the buses can create. A city official says they became aware of the concerns in June and are working to address them.

School board members are pushing for the removal of cell phone towers perched atop three Alameda schools. Board member Mike McMahon said the district will scrutinize a trio of contracts permitting cell phone service providers to maintain antennae on top of Maya Lin School, Will C. Wood Middle School and Alameda High School to see if the district can legally exit them.

Alameda’s Board of Education has hired veteran Alameda schools administrator Sean McPhetridge to serve as the Island's interim schools chief for the 2014-15 school year, which starts on August 25. He started his new job on Wednesday.

Alameda voters will decide on candidates for the school board after all, as a third candidate for two open board seats filed his paperwork to run on Wednesday. Meanwhile, four candidates will run for a trio of four-year terms on the Alameda Health Care District Board, while a fifth candidate will run unopposed for a two-year seat.

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Five years ago the city laid off half of its planning department, as the economy fell into a deep recession and construction projects came to a screeching halt. But now that the economy is recovering, the city’s permit counter is busier than ever, planning staffers say.

East Bay water officials approved new restrictions this week that limit watering of lawns and landscaping and other outdoor uses. The East Bay Municipal Utility District’s board declared a water emergency on Tuesday and implemented rules limiting watering of lawns and landscapes to twice a week and prohibiting the use of water to clean sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces unless such a cleaning is needed for health and safety purposes.

News in brief(er): An Alameda-based Coast Guard crew has returned home after seizing drugs valued at more than $180 million … and Park Street businesses are hiring.