The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, our weekly, two-sentence news review. Here’s this week’s news, in brief.

The city is kicking off a yearlong effort to get Alameda Point ready for investors and developers. City staffers are saying they’re hopeful the former Navy base will be ready for development as soon as 2014.

Families at Wood Middle School say they’re frustrated about the possibility of a charter school being added to their campus, a move that has stoked both rumors and fears that the school is slated for closure. District officials have strongly hinted that they plan to offer the Alameda Community Learning Center space on the mid-Island campus; an official offer is due February 1.

Gun control and immigration reform topped the list of issues Alameda residents said they’d like to see President Barack Obama tackle in his second term. Festivities for Obama’s inaugural Monday were more low-key than four years ago, when he replaced President George W. Bush in the White House and became America’s first black president.

And the Alameda Point Collaborative is home to a first-in-the-state landscape apprenticeship program. The program’s trainees will be charged with managing the Collaborative’s grounds and will soon seek out other customers.

News in brief(er): An Alameda man who burglarized Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’s home has been sentenced to seven years in jail … and the 14th Annual Kiwanis Chili Cook-Off and Barbecue Dinner will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, January 26 at the Albert H. DeWitt Officers Club. Tickets are available on the Alameda Kiwanis website.