The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, your roundup of the week’s big news. Here’s what happened this week.

Some of Alameda’s commuters found new ways to get to work this week as BART drivers went on strike. We’ve got Alameda’s commuters’ reports on the strike’s impacts here and here.

The Bank of Alameda is set to be acquired by the Bank of Marin, the Novato-based bank announced Monday. The acquisition of the 15-year-old Alameda bank, in a deal valued at $32.7 million or $3.07 per share of common stock, is expected to close by the end of this year.

The city is considering guidelines for the installation of parklets that would trade parking spots for new, public gathering spaces. The Transportation Commission voted Wednesday to recommend an amended set of guidelines to the Planning Board, which is expected to consider approval of the guidelines on July 22.

A seasoned administrator will be stepping up to serve as the College of Alameda's interim president. Dr. Eric V. Gravenberg is set to assume his new role on July 15.

Alamedans have been hugely responsive to calls to divert trash from landfills, with 95 percent of residents in single-family homes and small apartment complexes dumping 32 gallons of garbage each week or less. Despite those successes, the city’s residents and businesses could soon see their garbage bills increase, with residents who have reduced their trash output the most seeing some of the largest growth in rates.

Alamedans celebrated the Fourth of July on Thursday either by watching the annual Mayor's Fourth of July Parade - or participating in it. The Alamedan toured the pre-parade lineup and chatted with some parade participants about their creations; here's our video.

News in brief(er): The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office blew up a suspicious device at Crab Cove on Friday, precipitating a bomb scare. Local police said there was “no indication” it was an explosive device … And police are investigating a Sunday blaze on Otis Drive.