The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

The Broad Brush: Your News in 60 Seconds

Michele Ellson

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Broad Brush, our two-sentence news review. Here are your headlines for the week.

At Littlejohn Park, the Ala Costa after school program can accommodate 15 youths, and the program – the only one on the Island for special needs children – has another dozen on a waiting list. The program’s executive director, Ron Halog, has been seeking a bigger space in Alameda for the past few years, but has so far come up empty.

The City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to extend its agreement to jointly use and operate the school district’s high school pools through September 2014 as council members sought to assure Alameda’s swimmers that they’re working to secure a long-term fix for the aging pools. Our tweet by tweet coverage of the meeting is here.

Governor Jerry Brown put AC Transit workers' strike plans on hold Wednesday, notifying the East Bay bus service that he's assembling a three-person panel to examine both sides' position in the contract impasse. The decision put off the potential of a strike for one week and is a precursor to a potential 60-day cooling off period.

Alameda has a new Lithuanian restaurant. Denise Shelton has a review in this month’s Alameda a la Carte.

BART workers went on strike Friday, shutting down the rail line after a week of late-night sessions overseen by a federal mediator failed to produce new contracts. BART's unions said they were calling the strike over proposed changes to work rules that they said are needed to protect workers and the rail line's top manager said are needed to run BART more effectively and efficiently. Commuters, meanwhile, piled onto buses and ferries.

Donna Eyestone has put a lot of miles on her bike traversing Alameda these past 13 years, and has made use of the Island's bridges when she had to leave town. But until last week, she had never ridden through the Posey Tube. Her first person account, plus video, are here.

Meanwhile, Caltrans is preparing to make some fixes to the Posey Tube that could make commuting it a little easier for pedestrians and cyclists. But cyclists here said the work is only a small start on what needs to be done.

News in brief(er): Leasing is increasing at Alameda Point … and a Julia Morgan-designed home is up for sale.