Diamond Certified: The Alameda Little League blog

Diamond Certified: The Alameda Little League blog

Bill Collins

Alameda is such an alluring city. From the moment you enter this enticing Island oasis, you know you are in a special place. I liken it to the “perfect town” in every American movie ever produced in Hollywood: Not quite Mayberry, but not a big city either. And what American experience would be complete without the slice of Americana that we call baseball?

Almost every community in America has some connection to baseball, whether it’s a multi-million-dollar Major League Baseball team, a minor league team or a Little League baseball organization. Alameda is no exception. The Little League foundation first appeared around 1939, and Alameda Little League has been in our community since 1980, providing recreational baseball for players ages 4 to 12.

My name is Bill Collins and I’m a married father of two young children. I’ve lived here in Alameda for more than eight years and served as an assistant coach in the Alameda Little League for six. I have watched the program grow exponentially in size, from 400 active players to more than 1,000. And every season I’ve participated in the league, the program has improved.

When I first joined, approximately 2007, the walkways between fields were nothing more than dirt trails, and several of the playing fields lacked adequate bleacher seating or viewer watching areas. Since then, we’ve seen cement walkways laid down, and covered bleacher seats and fencing installed. Even a tribute brick wall is being created, where donations are accepted by the league (each supporter receives their very own brick with a person's or organization's name written and displayed). This year, the league is preparing to install playing field lights over the Major and Minor fields for nighttime play, a highly anticipated addition. Now, makeup games will be easier to schedule, and new teams and night practices can be added.

I started this blog to share my enthusiasm for Alameda Little League. My stories will go beyond the box scores to offer news about the teams, coaches and players that won’t be reported anywhere else. The blog will also follow a Majors team this season: the Pappo Athletics, managed by Mike Barnes, who is an eight-year veteran of the league and one of the most respected coaches in his community.

If you’ve got stories to pitch about your team, or other Alameda Little League news, e-mail me at dubyac99@yahoo.com I look forward to a great season!


Submitted by Darin Wissner (not verified) on Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Bill, is Alameda a part of "Little League," the brand? Just curious.

Submitted by Bob Assing (not verified) on Sun, Apr 20, 2014

Bill is a huge athletic supporter, Darin.

Submitted by Bill Collins on Sun, Apr 20, 2014

Hey Darin: If you mean if the Little League program here in Alameda, is part of the bigger Little League Organization, yes,it most definitely is. We follow the same protocol for all other Little League programs in all cities in the USA.

While I can't say I know exactly how the "playoff" systems work throughout the entire program, and two teams eventually make it to the Little League World Series, I'm quite certain, there's the same chance for an Alameda team as any other Little League team across the USA and the world.

Hope that answers your inquiry. Take care!

Bill Collins