Editor's note: Help wanted!

Editor's note: Help wanted!

Michele Ellson

The crew here at The Alamedan is looking forward to providing more of the news that matters to you in 2014, and we could use a little help doing that. We’re looking for a few good folks to help us broaden our coverage of the Island.

Specifically, we’re looking for freelance writers interested in keeping our readers abreast of local business and tech and to help us build our coverage of the 2014 elections. We’re also on the lookout for newshounds who can help us extend or coverage of big issues with local implications and overlooked local stories.

We’d also like to expand our offering of blogs this year, and are seeking experts who can offer a local take on real estate, commuting, faith, health and other topics of interest. (And if you’re a reader who has an interesting tip, photo or video to share, we’re always happy to take a look.)

If you’d like to be part of the team here at the Island's top independent, online news source, drop me a line and some clips or writing samples, at michele@thealamedan.org.


Submitted by Bernadette (not verified) on Thu, Jan 9, 2014

Park street bartender ... Irish background .. Amaledian adjuster