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5:12 p.m. Wednesday, November 7: The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has reportedly announced that they've got another 140,000 ballots left to count; counting them stretch at least into next week, the Oakland Tribune reports. With some additional ballots counted, Rob Bonta maintained his slim lead over Abel Guillen in the race to represent Alameda, Oakland and San Leandro in the state Assembly while Tony Daysog's second-place numbers in the City Council race held, slipping just a few hundredths of a percentage point from yesterday's numbers. Meanwhile, both of the county tax measures on the ballot, Measure A1 and Measure B1, were still failing as of 4:20 p.m. Wednesday.

7:34 p.m.: Got a note from voter Cyndy Wasko about folks working the polling station at Waters Edge on Bay Farm Island asking voters for ID, which is against the law. She said that when she arrived there were three or four people ahead of her in line and that they all were showing their IDs. "I commented (very loudly) that checking ID's was illegal," Wasko said. "The man in front of me agreed and spoke up even louder that I did. The lady in front of him said that she was turned away and had to go home and get her passport in order to be allowed to vote." Wasko said that it seemed like the poll workers were struggling to find voters' names and that English may not have been their primary language; she thinks they may have been using the IDs to look up names. She said that when a man who appeared to be supervising the workers heard what was happening he told them they're not supposed to ask for ID unless the voter is a first-time voter. "I realize that these folks are volunteers and most are seniors," she said.

6:21 p.m.: One of the defining features of any modern election is the onslaught of mailers that populate voters' mailboxes and stack up by the front door. Which made me wonder: Which candidate or measure proponent was this election's biggest tree-killer? I went through a hefty stack of mailers I've collected over these many weeks and the big winners were Propositions 30 and 32, followed by Assembly District 18 candidate Rob Bonta (who by himself or through groups supporting him out-mailed his opponent, Abel Guillen, nine pieces to one). Locally, City Council candidate Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft issued more mailers than any other candidate (excepting slate mailers), while proponents of the Oakland Zoo parcel tax, A1, out-mailed any other local measure on the Alameda ballot.

5:51 p.m. Welcome to The Alamedan's Election NIght Liveblog, where we'll keep you posted on election results and other newsworthy tidbits as they come in. We'll start by sharing some of the Tweets that have come in on our #alamedavotes hashtag.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

deyestone ‏@deyestone
No matter how #alamedavotes tomorrow will still be trash day in my neighborhood.

Jason Buckley ‏@jbuckley
Just back from polls. I almost voted for Roseanne!

Mike McMahon ‏@MikeMcMahonAUSD
Precinct 305400 has had 160 voters vote at the polls through 4pm (41% turnout). In June only 120 voters all day at the polls.

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