Growing Up in Alameda: ICYMI

Growing Up in Alameda: ICYMI

Dave LeMoine

Missed a week of Dave LeMoine’s fabulous serial blog, Growing Up in Alameda? To commemorate the publication of his popular series, we’ve assembled links to each part right here in one post.

January 14: Beyond the dumps
Dave offers an introduction of Bay Farm Island, circa 1957.

January 21: Happy Days and the Fonz
The epitome of cool.

January 28: Dave and Jerry
Dave introduces more of the gang.

February 4: Paradise on the estuary
The teens inherit a raft.

February 11: Who’s that drunk on the diving board?
Dave has a rough ride home.

February 18: The question is, could Dave be a werewolf?
Dave gets into a hair-raising (and knee-wrecking) situation.

February 25: Night cruise to San Francisco
Dave and friends navigate San Francisco Bay in some less-than-seaworthy craft.

March 4: The prototype skateboard
Dave and friends design – and test – their own, homemade skateboard.

March 11: Cars and cliffs
Dave and the gang have some fun with cars.

March 18: Can a ’49 Chevy jump a telephone pole?
Read more to find out.


Submitted by Michael Budd (not verified) on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

I'd really like to see another 10 parts to this series.

Submitted by David W LeMoine (not verified) on Wed, Mar 25, 2015

Thank you Michele and the staff of the Alamedan.
To the readers, you can read my history of BFI in the December Archive. I loved you comments and would love to hear more of your adventures in a wonderful place called Alameda.

Submitted by David W LeMoine (not verified) on Sat, Mar 28, 2015

Thanks Michael Budd
I'm trying to remember more of the Shifter shenanigans and hope to continue in the future. My book with all above plus the BFI story and my fire carrier in Alameda should be out in about two more months. Your word encourage me, thanks again.