The Maritime Report: America's Cup Practice Race Day

The Maritime Report: America's Cup Practice Race Day

Jack Boeger

We had a great time at the America's Cup World Series practice races on Tuesday. We got there pretty early and parked in the hourly lot at Fort Mason... for a grand total of six dollars!! I don't imagine we can pull that off again so public transit or bikes is the way to go. Parking is otherwise nonexistent.

Check out the gallery below. You can click on the first one and navigate from within slideshow. There were six match races (duels) then some fleet practice starts then a fleet race (all boats).

We saw a lot of great action ... especially the Artemis/Oracle first match race and a spectacular capsize by New Zealand's Emirates Team. We were also impressed by the newest team in AC34 - the British team sponsored by J.P. Morgan skippered by Ben Ainslie, who just won his fourth Olympic gold medal in sailing.

I was sitting with two young sail racers inclined to correct the announcer regarding which Artemis boat was skippered by Terry Hutchinson (who we saw in person at a youth regatta in Alameda).

They also had some strong opinions about who had the best theme songs (presented during intros and upon winning a race). Their favorites? Oracle Team Spithill has ACDC's "Back in Black" and Oracle Team Coutts has Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog." The worst? France's Energy Team with Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger." Ugh ... what are they thinking?

There was another team we couldn't determine who is using a song by family favorite Austin band The Black Angels.

Marina Green is definitely the place to be for watching this action close up. If you can't make it, go to and catch the action beginning around 2:00 p.m. PST.