The Maritime Report: For June 20, 2013

The Maritime Report: For June 20, 2013

Dave Bloch


Up front this week, a reminder that Summer Sailstice, the worldwide event promoting sailing as a sport for everyone, happens at Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Come out and enjoy music, food, information booths and LOTS of activity on the Estuary! This is an event aimed just as much at folks who have never been out on a boat as at seasoned sailors. Bring the kids; there are opportunities for them to experience sailing a small boat out on the water as well. Watch the "Estuary Stroll" (and informal parade of sailboats doing a big oval up and down the Estuary) and the "Sir Francis Chichester Race" (little Laser sailboats will circumnavigate Alameda Island).

A very interesting feature of the Chichester race, is that the sailors are forbidden to call for the drawbridges to be raised. Some sailors pull their masts off the boat as they go under; others heel their boats over hard to clear the bridge. The race starts off of EYC at noon and the boats can circumnavigate in either direction (lots of strategy in the choice, depending on tides, currents and predicted winds) so watch for them off our shores!

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Island Yacht Club announced this week the opening of registration for the 21st Annual Northern California Women's Sailing Seminar, to take place September 28 and 29 at IYC (located inside Alameda Marina). As mentioned in this space before, the WSS has classes for women at all levels, including the "never set foot on a boat" person. All students and all instructors are women; you'll see men around (including your reporter) performing ancillary duties (many of them in the galley and behind the bar).

IYC also announced the Keynote Speaker for this year's seminar. Sally Lindsay Honey is the two-time winner of U.S. Sailing's Yachtswoman of the Year, has logged more than 35,000 ocean miles and raced and cruised throughout the world. She has owned and operated sailmaking and industrial sewing businesses. Most recently, Honey has been the vice-chair of the America's Cup Safety Review Committee created after the death of Artemis Racing's Andrew Simpson.

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One of the most beautiful sailboats on Earth is currently docked at Treasure Island. On a sail with friends up the east side of TI on Sunday, we came around this beautiful boat. Adele is the dream of Jan-Eric Osterlund, who has lived aboard and sailed her with his wife, Jennifer, for years. She is featured in books and articles from all over, including the book "Exploring With Adele," written by the owner. Adele is 179 feet long. She's a ketch (a type of sailboat with two masts), and she is just beautiful.

We were dealing with so much wind that we did not get to take a photo of her. But visit to see lots of them.

I hope Adele is sticking around for the America's Cup races! The Bay will be a prettier place if she's around.