The Maritime Report: Racing for Hawaii

The Maritime Report: Racing for Hawaii

Dave Bloch

Last week in this space, you read about the Singlehanded TransPac, a 2,120-mile run from San Francisco to Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai. Several of those boats are either being skippered by Alamedans, the boats are berthed here, or the owners brought them here to prepare them in our outstanding marinas.

As I write this on Monday, the 50-foot boat called "TRUTH" skippered by Alex Mehran is safely in Kauai, having completed the course in just about eight-and-a-half days; a full two-and-a-half days ahead of the previous record in this 16-year regatta. he closest boat behind Truth is 650 miles away at this moment; the farthest is 1,037 miles out. (Funny how when you look at the real-time map at that they look all clumped together; one has to remember that "clump" is nearly 400 miles long!)

Coming next Monday, those lonesome sailors will not be quite so alone. Our marinas are now berthing several entrants in the Pacific Cup, including three boats I see many times every day from my floating home. Forty-seven boats ranging from 26 feet to 65 feet will headed for Hawai'i, this time to Kaneohe Bay in Oahu. But unlike the TransPac, each boat will have at least two sailors on board. Two of these boats have "hailing ports" (the city painted on the stern) of Alameda: Kit Wiegman's "Cassiopeia" and David Nichols' "Blue Mist."

The Pacific Cup boats will leave on July 16 and will be out about two weeks. As with the TransPac, real-time tracking is available on the Web at Also on that page you'll see the "Racer Blogs" link where you can follow their thoughts, not just their progress.