Need info on local candidates and races? It's here.

Need info on local candidates and races? It's here.

Michele Ellson

If you haven’t voted in this fall’s election yet, tomorrow’s your last chance. And if you need information on local races, we’ve got what you need right here, in our Alameda Elections ’12 elections center.

We’ve got questionnaire responses from every candidate for City Council, Board of Education and Alameda Health Care District Board (and cheat sheets offering side-by-side comparisons of their positions here), plus short videos of each City Council and school board candidate here.

Our Elections Center also contains stories on each of the local and county ballot measures (along with an explainer on state Propositions 30 and 38), and a detailed rundown of the contributions each local candidate has received.

Additional resources for local and state races include the League of Women Voters’ Smart Voter website, Ballotpedia and CalProps, which offers a rundown on the state propositions on Tuesday’s ballot. has handy cheat sheets on each of the 11 state propositions California’s voters will be deciding on this election, and if you want to know who’s paying to support or defeat the propositions, MapLight offers a breakdown on the props and other races.

If you’ve got any additional informational resources to share with The Alamedan’s readers, feel free to post those links in the comments section below.