The Skate Life

The Skate Life

Edan and Casey

Edan, 15, and his brother Casey, 13, skateboard the streets of Alameda, looking for what they call "skate spots." Security guards, police and angsty adults often shoo them and their skate pals from favored places - which means they are constantly moving on ... sneaking magical moments of freedom on steps and edges and sloping streets. They also write, shoot video and take photos. With them, in this blog, you'll discover the hidden world of skateboarders as they explore the city week by week.

Photo and story by Edan.

Skateboarding is unlike any other sport. It is artistic. It allows you to use your mind and creativity as you think of new ways and tricks to impress your friends.

Other sports like baseball, basketball and soccer are as basic as kicking and hitting some balls around with no way to output your creative mind. Skateboarding allows you to think of new tricks to try. Tricks like the kickflip which you do by combining an ollie (kick board up) and a quick flick of the foot off the front of the board; or the tre flip that spins 360 degrees and flips at the same time. The rush you get for landing one of these tricks for the first time is unexplainable.

Although skateboarding is so unique and creative, we are being shunned. People disdain skateboarding more and more nowadays. They think we are a bunch of punks who destroy property and do drugs. They put skate blockers on ledges and sometimes demolish spots altogether. Wherever we try to skate, we are kicked out. So we just keep moving on … looking for spots.

In coming weeks, Edan and Casey will take you along as they roll Alameda.