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Launch of the Artemis Racing AC72, November 3, 2012. Photo by Sander van der Borch.

Things do quiet down this time of year on the waters around us. Do remember that it is supposed to be raining and starting to get a bit colder, rather than the 81 degrees it is outside as I write this on Tuesday. Read more >> about The Maritime Report

The Maritime Report: Social Happenings

Late October begins the fall party season, and the maritime world of Alameda was been alive with social events last week!

The fun started last Wednesday with an 80th birthday party for Jim Jessie. Although officially retired from his latest career as one of California's best-known marine surveyors, Jim will never strike you as being retired from anything! (A marine surveyor is a certified inspector of boats; their services are called for mainly when boats are sold or have to be insured.) Jim cruised the world with his wife, Diana who passed away last year. Read more >> about The Maritime Report: Social Happenings

The Maritime Report: What's Going On Out There?

OK, so this week really belongs to the Giants, who now are up against the team from my childhood home of Detroit. (Do you remember Al Kaline? Norm Cash? The 1968 World Series in which Detroit did what the Giants just did, beat the Cardinals after being down three games to one?) So I go into this World Series with divided loyalties, something like rooting for the Swedish America's Cup team, based here in Alameda, over the American one over there in San Francisco. Read more >> about The Maritime Report: What's Going On Out There?

The Maritime Report: Tides

High and low tide at the Marina Village Yacht Harbor. Notice the height of the concrete post and the steepness of the ramp; remember that it is the DOCK that has moved up and down. Photos by Dave Bloch.

Did you know our Island rises up and then sinks down several feet twice every day?

Of course it doesn't. But if you stand in one place and look out on the water that surrounds us, it may look like it is. Of course, it's actually the Bay that is rising and falling while Alameda stays where it is. Read more >> about The Maritime Report: Tides

The Maritime Report: An America's Cup Week to Remember

The first America's Cup World Series events in San Francisco are over. The next regattas are scheduled for Venice and Naples, Italy, in spring 2013; three or four teams come back with larger, 72-foot boats for the Louis Vuitton Cup next July. (There are rumors of a winter ACWS series in Australia or China, but these are only rumors so far.) The Vuitton Cup will determine which boat goes up against defender Oracle Team USA in the America's Cup itself. Read more >> about The Maritime Report: An America's Cup Week to Remember

AMERICA'S CUP: Out on a mark boat

Photographers and crew are huddled in the open cabin of the windward mark boat. Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget, Copyright 2012 ACEA.

Sailboat races happen around our Bay all the time; on the Central Bay, South Bay, and even right here on our Estuary. To mark the course, the sponsoring organization (often a yacht club) sets out inflatable temporary buoys, each held in place by a rope attached to a small anchor. Some races might use an existing object, like a permanent buoy, especially in deep water. Read more >> about AMERICA'S CUP: Out on a mark boat