Conversation Piece

In mid-April, the East Bay Municipal Utility District adopted mandatory water use restrictions in response to Governor Jerry Brown's mandate that Californians conserve.

Water district officials voted to ask customers to use 20 percent less water than they used in 2013, though district staff expect that homeowners, apartment dwellers, business owners and other classes of customers will conserve at different rates. So far, the district hasn't laid down penalties for failure to conserve.

So, our questions for today: What are you doing to conserve water? And what penalties do you think the water district should impose on people who don't cut their water use?

Let us know by posting a comment below. And if you're a water super saver, give us a shout at letting us know what you're doing to save - we'd love to write a story about you.

Last week’s conversation piece on development at Alameda Point was such a success that this week, I decided to tackle another big topic around town: Street safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

A pair of San Francisco teachers profiled in a San Francisco Chronicle piece on high housing costs last week called their bigger digs in Alameda a "consolation prize" for a forced move from the city. We asked our Facebook fans what they thought, and they weighed in on how they learned to love Alameda - and also, the rising cost of Island rents. Here's what they had to say.

The Supreme Court is set today and Wednesday to hear arguments for and against Proposition 8, the California initiative that banned same-sex marriages, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. City leaders in Alameda and other East Bay cities are showing their support for gay marriage by flying rainbow flags at City Hall. We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what they have to say about the case and how they hope the justices will rule. Here are their responses; what do you think?

Alameda's Board of Education signed off on a new teacher contract and set aside $5.8 million for possible parcel tax refunds; that and more, in Tweet.

Tuesday's Board of Education meeting brought scores of teachers and their supporters demanding a new contract, plus discussions about layoff notices, professional learning communities and comments on Wood Middle School. We've got it all right here - plus pictures! - in our Tweet by Tweet.

The Alamedan's Facebook fans had a lot to say about our story on an elderly Alameda couple forced to leave their home of 17 years by a $600-a-month rent increase. Here's what you all had to say. In case you missed it, the story is here.

This week, city officials released 2011 salary data for hundreds of city employees. Some 50 city employees earned salaries and benefits totaling $200,000 or more. Police and fire managers held nine of the top 10 spots on the earnings chart, taking home more in pay and benefits than the directors of any other city department.