ALAMEDA ELECTIONS ’12: Candidates on camera

ALAMEDA ELECTIONS ’12: Candidates on camera

Michele Ellson

One of the things I enjoy most about running The Alamedan is that it offers me the honor of working with some extremely talented people. One of them is Chuck Kapelke, who produced the City Council and Board of Education candidate videos posted on the site today.

Chuck introduced himself at a Concerts at the Cove show where The Alamedan had a table last August and not long after that, he suggested we create short candidate videos as an aid to voters who have lots of choices to consider this election season. Fourteen of your candidates gamely trailed in over the course of two sessions at City Hall and the Alameda Free Library, and the results are what you see posted on the site today.

Candidates were read five questions prepared by the citizen group that drafted our questionnaires – questions they didn’t get in advance – and given a maximum of one minute to answer them. We’ve posted their responses with some title slides listing the questions and minor edits.

The videos are part of our growing elections center, which now includes stories about all the local races and county ballot measures, questionnaire responses from every local candidate and more. Tomorrow we’ll post “cheat sheets” that offer short takes on the positions of local City Council, school board and Alameda Health Care District Board candidates, and we’re also planning to have candidates’ donor lists ready for your perusal after those are released.

Our goal at The Alamedan is to make sure you have information about everything you’ll be voting on that meets your needs, and as such we’ve been working to make sure races and ballot measures that aren’t getting much attention from other media outlets are covered here. That translates into deep coverage of local races, and has also seen us posting pieces on the trio of local and county measures on the November ballot and the Assembly race between Vice Mayor Rob Bonta and Peralta Community College District Trustee Abel Guillen.

If there’s anything you need more information on this election season or you have any comments or suggestions about our coverage, feel free to drop me a line at In the meantime, I want to offer my thanks to the folks responsible for our coverage: Videographer Donna Eyestone, who offered live video of a pair of recent candidate forums; reporters Dave Boitano and Heather Wood, who covered the forums; Doug Biggs, Audrey Lord-Hausman, Richard Hausman, Al Wright and Chuck Kapelke for creating our questionnaires; and Chuck for the videos you see today.