ALAMEDA ELECTIONS '12: Health Care District Board candidate statements

ALAMEDA ELECTIONS '12: Health Care District Board candidate statements

Michele Ellson

Updated at 10:37 a.m. Tuesday, August 28

Here are candidate statements from candidates for the Alameda Health Care District Board, which oversees Alameda Hospital. Jordan Battani's and J. Michael McCormick's statements will appear in the ballot pamphlet for the November 6 election. Neither Tracy Jensen nor Leland Traiman submitted statements, according to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, though each has since submitted a personal statement to The Alamedan. Statements for school board candidates are in the next post, while those for City Council candidates are here.


Healthcare Strategy Consultant

My education and qualifications are: Six years of service on the City of Alameda Healthcare District Board, currently as Board President; more than 30 years of professional healthcare leadership experience in a variety of hospital, physician, health plan and consulting organizations; nationally known thought leader on healthcare reform and technology; Masters degrees in Business Administration and Public Health. As District Board President, my focus has been on ensuring clinical service excellence and long term financial sustainability for Alameda Hospital. During my tenure the hospital has achieved national recognition and certification for the clinical quality of its programs and operations. In pursuit of long term financial sustainability, Alameda Hospital has implemented rigorous cost management programs and begun the expansion of high value healthcare services and programs designed to meet current, and future, community needs as well as provide new sources of revenue. The commitment that the taxpayers have made to supporting Alameda Hospital, and local healthcare services, is an inspiring example of community spirit and responsibility. It has been my privilege to serve this effort. Please return me to office to continue this important work. Vote for Jordan Battani for City of Alameda Healthcare District Director.


Alameda Health Care Director, Semi Retired College Instructor, Business Person

With the nearest emergency room over 20 minutes away, Alameda Hospital remains a critical community asset. I am seeking an additional term to enhance quality care and protect our local safety net during difficult financial times. During my almost 4 years on the board, I led efforts to stabilize the hospital through expanding outpatient services, creating a new wound center, assuring stroke certification, and creating a new center for nursing home patients. As the finance chair, I led efforts to increase state funding and build support among local and state elected officials. We are one of the lowest cost hospitals in the County that continues to offer excellent care. The hospital is supported by taxpayers, so I have advocated for more transparency and careful allocation of scarce dollars. The hospital continues to face opportunities and challenges as we prepare for healthcare expansion in 2014, and I want to assist in those endeavors. My family spent over 60 years in the healthcare occupations, my wife is an Alameda County Supervisor specializing in healthcare policy, and I have a professional finance background having run a successful independent business for twenty five years. I would be honored to have your support.



Our Hospital Board has allowed Alameda Hospital Boardmembers to do business with Alameda Hospital. Taxpayers give $6 million/year to Alameda Hospital. Boardmembers should represent the public, not their own business interests.
Sadly, this is symptomatic of other elected bodies in Alameda. Since being elected to the Alameda Board of Education, one board member has had three members of his family employed by that district.
The Citizens United Decision of the United States Supreme Court said corporations could spend unlimited amount of money on campaigns. Because of Citizens United our last city council election saw hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into our city of only 42,000 registered voter so that large developers could grab hold of the former naval air station. Since taking office these councilmembers have voted to override Alameda's slow growth charter amendment, known as Measure A, to add 2,400 homes to our island which only has 4 points of entry or exit and to give away public park land to a developer, also a violation of our city charter. These councilmembers are now Alameda's poster children for the effects of Citizens United on our city. Our hospital must serve the people, not the privileged. Elected officials must speak out against the Citizens United Decision and conflict of interest in our city.
Current boardmembers should be defeated because of the failings of the current Board:
- The hospital has lost $2 million this year alone
- is selling off property in trust to pay its bills
- Bank of America has stopped extending them credit
- the Board refused to deal with its earthquake retrofit problem until the state threatened to close down the hospital
- they failed to seek certification to care for stroke emergencies until the county blocked any stroke emergencies from being taken there.


I represented the community on the Alameda Hospital "Strategic Planning and Human Relations Committee" in 2006 through 2010 because I believe that Alameda must support this critical resource. For more than a decade the hospital has struggled to respond to changes in health care regulation and reimbursement. My professional experience in the federal Medicare program, state health care organizations, and at the local level, gives me the ability to develop new programs that benefit our community.
I also have the critical contacts in Alameda to make change happen. In 2002 I was elected to the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education, and I was re-elected in 2006. Earlier this year I was appointed as a charter board member of Alameda's first Open Government Commission. In my public service career I have:
• hired 2 permanent Agency directors,
• hired 2 school district superintendents,
• opened the first new school in Alameda in more than 20 years,
• managed a City general fund budget of $2 million,
• overseen a school district budget of $85 million,
• made budget cuts and laid off public employees,
• negotiated public employee contracts with union representatives,
• closed and opened public facilities,
Alameda hospital and health care programs must serve as a resource for our community and I can help the organization to do so if elected to the Board.