Alamediana: Pet poems!

Alamediana: Pet poems!

Michele Ellson

Park Street's Dog Bone Alley reached out to pet-owning poets this past May and asked them to pen paens to their parrots, Persians and pooches. They pawed through the entries and selected three winners to post in the pet shop; winners also received store gift certificates. The winning entries are posted below, with the permission of the store and the poems' authors.

Winner: Mr. Kenji-san Morimoto: Stories of a Shiba Inu, by Sarah McAllister

Underneath the couch
I spy one paw and tail point.
How do you fit there?

Rich, rusty red fur
Fades to cream white at his skin
He is so fancy.

Four clambering paws
Padding up and down the stairs -
Kenji wants to play!

Urge to walk; eyes meet.
Are you thinking what I am?
No words required.

Bounding through tall grass
curled tail jostles on his back.
Let's play hide-and-seek!

Screech of lid unscrewed
Big brown eyes stare up at mine
"Peanut butter, please?"

Keys jangle in the door
The day's problems don't exist -
Somebody missed me.

Runner-up: A Day in the Life, by Paula Ratto

Floppy ears, a cold wet nose
Baths outside under the hose

Scattered chew toys all around
Buried bones under the ground

Happy tail wags, playing fetch
Chasing squirrels he'll never catch

Bedtime cuddles, slobbery kiss
Another day of doggy bliss

Runner-up: What the Young Dog Knows, by Gerald Brito

the young dog
is quick to know its place
close, to bowls marked Gus
Lucy, Pearl, Jimmy, or
fast, to things tugged, shaken
a tad beyond/a tad beyond/way beyond
the end of any leash, of any length
and just behind/upon objects
that roll, bounce, twirl

and even when the dog defers to
"WHAT THE . . . !"
the young dog knows it belongs
on your favorite chair
in the closet with your shoes
with you
with you
with you

butt up
lick your chin

with you