Board of Education candidate Kurt Peterson

Board of Education candidate Kurt Peterson

Alameda Elections '12
Kurt Peterson

Kurt Peterson


Relevant experience
10 years of Service on the Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board, Member of the City of Alameda Open Government Commission and Member of the Alameda Citizen Task Force.

If elected, what would be your top three priorities?
1) Improve the relationship between the Superintendent and the Teachers
2) Curb any additional costs to the District
3) Open better lines of communication between District Office and the Public

What would you do to encourage harmony between the school board, school district administrators and teachers?
Attend contract negotiation meetings, to see that the School District and the Teacher’s Union are conducting business in an open-minded and professional manner. Make sure that any grievances between District Management, District Staff and District Teachers are addressed promptly and thoroughly.

The district recently released a facilities report that outlined $92 million in needed facility fixes. How would you address these needs?
Prioritize the needed projects and look at all alternatives before making decisions (example: weigh the costs of replacing items compared to the cost of repairing them).

Do you believe Alameda’s schools are underfunded? If so, where would you find the revenue to address this problem? And if not, what do you believe the district’s priorities should be and how would you shift funds in order to address them?
I believe the schools are underfunded and that difficult decisions lie ahead. The key is to make changes with no adverse affect on our youth’s quality of education.

What services should Alameda’s schools provide, and what services do you believe every Alameda student is entitled to?
Our schools need to provide a strong and proven curriculum that allows all students the opportunity to learn material that will broaden their thinking and assist in readying them for a challenging future.

How do you view the challenges and/or opportunities posed by charter schools?
I view charter schools as a way to motivate the District to provide the very best curriculum possible. Forms of competition are always needed to bring out one’s best.

Would you propose to compete with charters and private schools in order to retain students, and if so, how?
As mentioned above, competing with the charter and private schools will make the District stronger (be it staff or teacher wise). By providing the best teachers and programs, you
will retain and grow student base.

There is a wide disparity among PTA organizations’ ability to support their individual schools in terms of the amount of money each can raise. How would you address this disparity?
If the schools are all funded by one District, then the PTA’s should be required to operate in a like manner. One pot for all to divide (no one is underfunded). This action will make the entire
District stronger.

How would you improve the way the school district does business?
First and foremost I would push for more community involvement. Both parents and non-parents must realize the importance of all of our youth’s education. More Teacher-Parent contact and more Town-Hall meetings to keep the community informed (be it with our accomplishments or our additional requirements).