Chen leads City Council fundraising race

Chen leads City Council fundraising race

Michele Ellson

Alameda’s City Council candidates have collected and spent less so far on this election than their counterparts did in 2010, campaign disclosure statements obtained by The Alamedan show.

Stewart Chen leads the fundraising pack, having pulled in $18,888 according to his disclosure form, followed by Jane Sullwold, with $12,202. Jeff Cambra raised $11,268 and Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, $10,288, though records show Ezzy Ashcraft has accrued $6,500 more in bills than she raised by the end of the reporting period.

Tony Daysog has put $1,795 into his campaign coffers so far, all but $300 of it contributed by himself. Gerard Valbuena Dumuk has self-financed his campaign, contributing $500 to his council run.

A disclosure form for Joana Darc Weber was not available when a reporter sought it Friday, though it was not clear whether Weber submitted her form to the City Clerk prior to the Friday deadline. The clerk’s office was closed Friday and it was unclear whether forms may have been collected Thursday but not yet posted online; the rest of the forms were collected by the Alameda Police Department on Friday.

All of the candidates have lent or contributed funds to their own campaigns, with Cambra giving his campaign a $5,000 loan, Ezzy Ashcraft giving her campaign $2,625, Chen loaning his campaign $1,700 and Sullwold, $1,000.

Chen’s campaign received a trio of $1,000 checks, including one from a business his wife co-owns. He also got a $300 check from Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and $150 from Hayward optometrist Jennifer Ong, who is running for a state Assembly seat.

Sullwold got a $1,000 check from Greenway Golf Chief Executive Officer George Kelley. As head of the city’s Golf Commission, Sullwold advocated for Greenway to be selected as long-term operator for the Chuck Corica Golf Complex.

Cambra received $1,000 from Sequoia Equities, a Walnut Creek-based property manager which operates Ballena Village Apartment Homes in Ballena Village. Ezzy Ashcraft got a $250 check from Peninsula Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

Cambra, Chen and Ezzy Ashcraft each received $500 contributions from the local firefighters union, with Cambra and Ezzy Ashcraft also receiving $500 checks from the electrical workers’ local.

At this point in the 2010 campaign, Vice Mayor Rob Bonta had collected more than $49,000 and spent more than $30,000 – nearly twice what the top-spending candidate in this election, Ezzy Ashcraft, has spent to date, camapaign disclosure forms on the city’s website show. Lena Tam had collected more than $26,000, Beverly Johnson, over $22,000, and Ezzy Ashcraft, more than $20,000.

A political action committee run by Alameda’s firefighters union has spent $2,700 so far this election season, with $500 going to Hayward City Council candidate Greg Jones and $200 toward the campaign for a parcel tax to pay for fire and emergency services in Contra Costa County, in addition to the checks it cut for Cambra, Chen and Ezzy Ashcraft.

The committee has collected $19,295,48 so far this year – including $2,500 from the Alameda Police Officers Association and $500 from the Fire Managers Association during this last three-month filing period – and has $61,370,82 in the bank.

At this point in the November 2010 election cycle, the firefighters had spend $6,500, $5,000 of it to elect Mayor Marie Gilmore.

Bonta leads the fundraising race to fill termed-out Assemblyman Sandre Swanson’s seat, raking in $181,508 between July 1 and September 30 and more than $420,000 to date. His opponent, Peralta Community College District Trustee Abel Guillen, raised $138,703 during the latest filing period and nearly $327,000 to date.

Both candidates have spent more money than their Assembly campaigns have taken in this year, with Bonta spending $468,876 as of September 30 and Guillen, $362,479.75.

Guillen collected $7,800 from each of the state’s two teachers unions and continued to garner support from trade unions. Guillen, who spearheaded an effort to move Peralta’s money to local financial institutions, also received checks from the California Credit Union League and the Patelco credit union.

Bonta earned the support of unions and corporations alike, pulling in $7,800 from the California Nurses Association – which had previously supported Guillen only but later opted to endorse both candidates – and $3,900 from Blue Shield of California. His campaign received a $3,900 contribution from Pleasanton-based grocery chain Safeway and others from a pair of grocery union political action committees.

He continued to obtain support from the state’s public safety unions, pulling in checks from unions in the Bay Area and beyond, along with contributions from political action committees operated by the California Association of Realtors, the Association of California Insurance Companies, AT&T California and PG&E.

Both Bonta and Guillen received $3,900 checks from the Service Employees International Union and from the San Pablo Lytton Casino, campaign finance records on the California Secretary of State’s Cal-Access database show.

The next round of donor disclosures for all candidates will be due on October 25. Additional disclosure forms for local school and hospital board candidates submitted for the October 5 deadline will be posted as they become available.

The candidates' full contribution lists are posted below.


Submitted by Irene on Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Speaking of "at this point in the November 2010 election cycle," I wonder how much money SunCal had already spent on behalf of Lena Tam and Marie Gilmore. This year is a much cleaner campaign.

Submitted by Chuck on Mon, Oct 8, 2012

I wonder how much more Greenway Golf will be spending on their candidate, Jane Sullwold, in order to get a multi-million deal from the City for the Chuck Corica Golf Course. How is that different than Cowan donating $20K to Beverly Johnson's campaign?