Community Journal: A Christmas wish

Community Journal: A Christmas wish

John-Michael Kyono

This is Winky. She is a sweet little girl who, at 12 weeks old, was rescued by the Feral Cat Foundation.

We have a member who has been generously and lovingly taking care of Winky and addressing health issues that have cropped up since Winky has been in her care. She was not supposed to survive more than a few weeks, but the love and care of Shari Bambino has made this wonderful kitten want to keep living.

When Winky was spayed in late October she experienced complications. Her spinal cord needs to be fused. Winky was recently seen by an eye specialist for an underdeveloped, damaged left eye. Unfortunately, the specialist found that she was blind in this eye, and the eye was removed.

But through all of this, Winky is our Christmas miracle.

Shari has found a wonderful family that wants to take care of Winky. The hurdle has been getting Winky her new family. They tried for two months to find someone who’s headed to Pittsburgh, where the family lives, who would be willing to take Winky along. When that didn’t work out, Shari determined that she would take Winky to her new family, if we could raise the funds to get her there and back.

The cost to fly Winky to her new family and to get Shari to Pittsburgh and back is $1,000 round trip – money that Shari, a volunteer, does not have. This is my Christmas wish: I am asking you to help me get Shari and Winky to Pittsburgh before Christmas.

I’m asking because I made a promise to Shari, and I need to pay it forward for all the help I received when I didn't know what to do when a feral cat who adopted me was dying.

Donations can be made through PayPal to If we pass our goal, all of the additional proceeds will be given to Friends of the Feral Cat Foundation, which has been covering the cost of Winky’s surgeries.

If just 20 businesses or individuals donate $50 each, Winky can go to her new home, delivered by the greatest caregiver ever; whatever amount you can donate is appreciated. So far we’ve raised $510 through the Facebook group I manage, Alameda Peeps, and I’m reaching out a little further to get us the rest of the way.

Even if your boss or company has no idea who we are, please make the request for the small donation. You will be making Winky’s Christmas wish – and mine – come true.


Submitted by andi (not verified) on Fri, Dec 19, 2014

What a sweet story. Such a fluffball-darling-of-a-kitten. Kudos to Shari Bambino for great carework and to you for being generous in kindness. If, in fact, a lot of people donate a little, this act of getting Winky to PITT will show some of the meaning of Christmas. It will be a reminder that when people try...and do...and act together...positive things can happen. First Winky...then what's next?