Contributions, spending continue as local races enter final stretch

Contributions, spending continue as local races enter final stretch

Michele Ellson

Some local political candidates and their supporters offered fresh disclosures detailing late contributions and spending last week, while a handful of others offered a late accounting of the contributions they have received.

Candidates are required to detail contributions received between October 1 and October 20 and outside groups, expenditures in a report due October 25, though those who raise less than $1,000 are exempted from the requirement. Contributions and expenditures of $1,000 or more than occur after October 20 are to be reported within 24 hours until Election Day.

The Alameda Firefighters Association reported spending $10,000 on mail drop pieces for Stewart Chen, one of the three candidates they’re supporting in the City Council race, on October 26, while council candidate Jeff Cambra reported loaning his campaign $10,000 on the same day. Including this latest disclosure, the firefighters union's direct and indirect spending on local races tops $30,000.

Council candidate Gerard Valbuena Dumuk filed his disclosure form on October 29, four days after the October 25 deadline. But he has raised just $800, less than the amount requiring disclosure, and spent $721.47, the disclosure form shows.

Board of Education candidate Nielsen Tam listed contributions of $2,740 and expenditures of $2,688.60 between July 1 and September 30 on a disclosure form filed on October 12, a week after it was due. Tam listed an additional $1,075 in late contributions in filings submitted on Wednesday and Friday.

School board candidate Barbara Kahn, whose disclosure report was filed by the October 25 deadline but not posted by Alameda County until later, listed cash contributions of $1,050 and expenditures of $1,040.16. She also received campaign materials and other support from the Alameda Education Association, which is endorsing her, of $6,062.60.

Online records do not show that any candidate or committee has claimed responsibility for funding robocalls detailing school board candidate Trish Herrera Spencer's votes on an anti-bullying curriculum the school board put in place at Alameda's elementary schools.

A pair of candidates for the Alameda Health Care District Board has also disclosed contributions. J. Michael McCormick raised $3,576.73 in cash and other contributions as of October 20 and spent $2,690.62, according to a form filed Tuesday. On Thursday, candidate Jordan Battani disclosed contributions of $3,061.87 and expenditures of $861.62.

Both candidates listed the value of being included on a mailer from the Alameda Democratic Club, which endorsed them, on their disclosure forms.

In the race to represent Alameda in the state Assembly, late contributions filed by Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta after October 20 show he raised $58,529, a little over $22,000 of it last week. His biggest contributors included state Senator Ted Lieu and state Assemblymen Richard Pan and Mike Eng, who all gave Bonta $3,900 along with the Local Societies of the California Optometric Association, and the Consumer Attorneys political action committee, which gave $3,829.

His opponent, Peralta Community College District Trustee Abel Guillen, took in $15,900 in late contributions, filing submitted over the same period show, $12,000 of it in the last week. Guillen’s biggest checks came from Piedmont attorney William J. Kadi, who gave $3,900 to his campaign, and state Senator Mark Leno, whose campaign gave $2,000.

An independent committee set up to support Bonta has spent all but $91.15 of the $160,000 it raised, most of it since the close of the last pre-election filing period. Funding for that committee included $100,000 from the California Professional Firefighters union and $25,000 from the California School Employees Association.

The Alamedan has posted additional information on candidate contributions and spending in the Money section of the site’s Alameda Elections ’12 election center. Forms and information submitted after the October 25 deadline are posted below.