Editor’s note: Technical difficulties

Editor’s note: Technical difficulties

Michele Ellson
Cisco router

On Tuesday morning, I woke to one of an editor’s worst nightmares: The Alamedan couldn’t be accessed by our readers, and in fact had already been unavailable for several hours.

All told, the site was down for about 11 hours as our web hosting company, Liquid Web, scrambled to figure out what was blocking access to the scores of websites its servers host all over the country and to restore it.

As it turns out, traffic to Liquid Web and other sites was apparently foiled by equipment limitations – older routers (which handle internet traffic) that had effectively maxed out like an old phone switchboard with more calls coming in than the lines the company had available could handle. It’s a problem that is reportedly slowing web traffic carried by a list of top internet service providers across the U.S. and Canada but is expected to be resolved soon (ZDNet explains this far more eloquently that I can, here).

We here at The Alamedan will always do our best to keep our service up and running as continuously as we can (and up to now, webmaster Jack Boeger has done a darn good job at that; this one was out of his hands). We’re sorry for the interrupted access to the site and any inconvenience it may have caused.