Editor's Note: Thank you, Perforce Foundation!

Editor's Note: Thank you, Perforce Foundation!

Michele Ellson
Perforce Foundation

We here at The Alamedan want to offer our heartfelt thanks today to Christopher Seiwald and the Perforce Foundation, for their support of our efforts to better inform you about all things Alameda. The Foundation has generously donated $10,000, which will greatly enhance our ability to bring you the story of Alameda and to create the fundraising infrastructure required to make The Alamedan a viable, long-term news and information outlet.

Seiwald and Perforce have a long history of supporting both local and global causes. Over its nearly 15 years of existence, the Perforce Foundation has given $2.3 million to support public and private schools, disaster relief, homelessness, animals, fair trade, health, arts and science. In 2011, Perforce Software created a staff-operated giving committee that meets quarterly to discuss needs and requests from charitable organizations, and that’s on top of the company’s employee giving program, which allows each employee to donate $1,500 a year to three charities or good causes of their choosing.

Our mission at The Alamedan is to provide you high-quality, nonpartisan news and information about your civic institutions and community. We want to provide you the tools you need to engage in a civil, civic conversation and are working to do so by providing both breaking and explanatory news coverage, live video of school board meetings and other untelevised events, data, blogs and more. With the Perforce Foundation’s generous support, we will be able to provide you more and better news coverage in the months to come.

The Foundation’s generous donation will also help us better address a critical issue facing the Alameda Community News Project as an organization and the news industry as a whole: Fiscal sustainability. Over these next several months we will be laying the groundwork for our fundraising efforts going forward – efforts that are key to ensuring we can stick around to tell you what’s going on your community for a long, long time.

So thank you, Perforce Foundation, because we can’t do what we do without the support of donors like you. And speaking of donors like you, if you’d like to help support our efforts to keep Alameda informed, you can support our efforts by clicking the “Donate” button in the top right corner of the site today.