ELECTION 2014: Absentee voting starts today

ELECTION 2014: Absentee voting starts today

Michele Ellson
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If you're an absentee (AKA vote-by-mail) voter, today marks the first day you can turn in your ballot for this fall's election - a ballot that includes contest for mayor, City Council, school and hospital boards; the Measure I school bond; and a list of state, county and district races and measures.

Here at The Alamedan we've spent most of the past two months collecting and putting out information about all of your local races and measures. If you need to know more about any of the candidates or local issues before you, we've got it all on our Election 2014 page. We'll add information as it comes available (keep an eye out for the first of two campaign finance pieces, later this week). And we'll bring you up-to-the-minute election coverage as the contests close on November 4.

I want to thank everyone who made our pre-election coverage possible, including the donors who supported this work, writer Dave Boitano and videographer Donna Eyestone, members of The Alamedan's advisory board, the city officials who hooked us up with event and recording space and the candidates themselves.

More information on absentee voting and how you can register to vote this fall (you've got until October 20) is available on the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website. And if you'd like to support our efforts to keep Alameda informed, you can contribute online by clicking this link.