EXCERPT: "I've Got Some Lovin' To Do," edited by Julia Park Tracey

EXCERPT: "I've Got Some Lovin' To Do," edited by Julia Park Tracey

Julia Park Tracey

Excerpt from "I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do: The Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen" reprinted with permission from Julia Park Tracey and the Bailey family.

Doris Takes the Wheel…

Monday, May 31, 1926
Bob, Eveline, Van and myself sat in the back seat. Van put his arm around me and we were whizzing along when all of a sudden the car stopped short. There was a crash of breaking glass, a scream and I bumped my head. We had hit a street car and were perched right on top of the cow catcher.

We climbed out and I was so disappointed to find that I wasn’t even cut. After a whole crowd of people had gathered, they pushed the street car away. It seemed as if the whole side of our car would be smashed but it wasn’t even dented. And the street car: two broken doors, three broken windows and the whole front pushed in. Gee, it was funny.

We stood around for about an hour, Mr. Hall doing a lot of arguing. Finally we got in the car and started home. Just as we turned up Culpepper Terrace, Van kissed me. Gee, but it was thrilling. He was so masterful and strong. Altogether it’s been what I call a perfect day. I love a wreck.

Sunday, July 18, 1926
I drove the Ford over to Marjie’s and we went for a ride. Daddy said I could use it when I had an errand to do. Not bad ― that.

July 21
About 8 o’clock we came home. The folks were away so we took the Ford and went downtown. A couple of men followed us all over. They asked us to take a ride in a good car and blah blah. We had an awful time getting rid of them.

It’s kind of funny that two girls can’t go riding without being pestered to death. We got some gas at a cute service station. I’m going there after this. College boys were working there. Not bad ― that.

Thursday, July 22, 1926
Took the Ford down to the Garage this morning and got tire fixed. After lunch, Fanny, Judy, the Ford and I went to a couple of shows. After that we took Joe on his paper route and oh boy!!! We had just heaps of fun.

One time we stopped in front of an apartment and two perfectly adorable boys asked us to come in. When we wouldn’t do it they came out. Two or three cars followed us and everything. This evening we took the car out again and stopped at a Drug Store for a Sundae.

July 23, 1926
My, but today has been a busy day. We got up this morning and went for a ride. In the Ford, of course. We played tennis a while and both ate lunch at my house. After lunch we went down and got a girl from the East who is visiting Mrs. McWaters and took her to a show. She was terribly dumb and we were bored to death. We hurried her home and went for another ride ourselves. Then we came home and ate dinner.

After dinner we took the car out again. A cute boy followed us in a Ford Roadster. We let him catch up with us. He had red hair ― red mustache and beautiful blue eyes. Fanny fell flat for him. He was rather cute but I doubt if I could ever fall in love with a boy like that. He was too sophisticated looking.

Well anyway, she raved and raved about him. About that time we were feeling very much in need of some gas. We stopped at our service station and there was the cutest boy there. He had light curly hair, big blue eyes, a dimple and a boyish laughing face. Of course I fell in love with him. He is the man of my dreams!!!

Nov 25, 1926
Well, today is Thanksgiving and I have got something to be grateful for. I said good by to the Ford and didn’t feel the least bit sorry. And the new car is so cute. Daddy let me drive the big car this afternoon. Whoopee! He said I could drive as well as the boys, too.

Sunday, December 12, 1926
This afternoon Joe and I took the car and went by for Johnny. I took the boys to Alyce’s and went down to call for Jack. After that we played cards. Then took the car and went to see Bee. She’s married and living in a perfectly cute stucco cottage. The boys got restless so we took Joe to Lorraine’s and the four of us went for a ride. Yes! Jack kissed me. After waiting two whole years, he kissed me and oh boy! I’ve been missing something.

We drove for ages, having a perfectly scrumptious time and then I let Jack drive. About 7 o’clock it began to snow. And it snowed and snowed and snowed. The windshield wipers froze and Jack had to stick his cute curly head out in the cold to see to drive. The road was terribly slippery but we finally got back to Alyce’s about 9 o’clock. We had something to eat and then sat by the fire and Jack sang romantic songs. I’ll never forget that blissful hour. Then Jack suggested that we drive by for Joe, so we did. Only we didn’t go straight there. We drove around for a long time and Jack became Romantic, serious and thrilling. We discussed life, convention and necking. Everything considered, we had a hell of a good time. Then we got Joe and Johnny and headed for home. Left Jack at his house and proceeded on our way.

Of course I had a good time the rest of the way, since Johnny was beside me. But by that time the snow was a foot deep on the hill and after we left Johnny, it took us an hour to climb it. Then we burnt out a berring [sic] and had to leave the car halfway up the hill. Of course the folks were mad as hell and Joe told them that Jack and I went for a ride. Now I can’t have the car for two months and a date either. The speedometer registered 90 miles and of course that made them sore. Oh well! Such is life and it was worth it.


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