Letter to the Editor: Skeptical about report on VA clinic impacts

Letter to the Editor: Skeptical about report on VA clinic impacts

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your attention to and coverage of this issue.

I'm very, very skeptical that building a veterans clinic will have no impact on the least tern colony. The VA clinic should remain in a central location serviced by mass transit such as Oakland and BART, rather than being built out on a transit "spur" like the Point. This is very poor planning.

What tips me off to how we’re being railroaded on this is a throwaway line like: "Wetlands that would be destroyed by the project could be rebuilt elsewhere in the Bay Area, it says."

Exactly where? Where precisely are the developers of this plan going to introduce wetlands?

Our history with SF bay wetlands is a steady usurpation of nature, always with some human need, usually economic, taking precedence over wildlife. Wetlands are thus now a tiny fraction of what they once were.

Where exactly are these areas, not already scheduled to remain or become wetlands, that are now going to be taken from human use and restored to wetlands?

This project is being forced on us with little regard for wildlife or for the endangered species act. Building the VA clinic out on the runways is a very bad idea.

Thank you again or your coverage and spotlight on this issue, Michele.

Ben Miller