Letters to the Editor: Alameda Education Foundation says thanks

Letters to the Editor: Alameda Education Foundation says thanks

Letters to the Editor

Photos courtesy of the Alameda Education Foundation.

Dear Editor,

In this season of thanksgiving, I would like to thank the many in our community who supported Alameda students and teachers through the Alameda Education Foundation’s Adopt A Classroom program. In October and November, we presented 80 teachers at 17 schools with $40,000 in donations that they will use to support learning opportunities for their students. Thank you to the following donors:

Alameda Kiwanis Foundation; Alameda Neuropsych, Inc. in Honor of Ethan Thomas; Ann & John McCormick; anonymous; Bay Farm families; Bay Farm families and family of Malcolm Fooks and Google; Bay Farm families and Savannah and Jessica Wong; Bay Farm families and the Joshi families; Brian and Sherri Bunger; Cargill Food Distribution; contributors to Power Up for Learning, a joint program of the Alameda Education Foundation and Alameda Municipal Power; David and Patricia Cattanach; Digital Concrete - Schubert family; families of Ms. Howell's class; families of Ms. Meyer's class; families of Ms. Pieri's class; families of Ms. Twite's class; friends of Ms. Collins' class; Graham Bullock-Humphrey and family; Hanna Hurley, in honor of Erin McMullen; Jeffrey and Sylvia Anderson; Jim & Mandy Tham; Kevin Kennedy, LLC; Lancaster family an friends; Linda Schowalter; Ms. del Rosario's 2014-2015 class; One Toyota of Oakland (Hartley, Saylor and Sorella Barnett); Perforce Foundation on behalf of employee Sylvia Kahn; Rob and Nancy Wonder; Rodney and Marie Gilmore; the Anderson, Bell, Cosmo and Duncan Bauer families; the Blackburn family; the Casper/Irons and Roemer/Buckner families; the Chris Freck Team at International City Mortgage; the Dean family; the Goddard family; the Griffin family; the Samford family; the Scott family and Salesforce.com; the Sherman family; the Stoddard family; the Yeung Tamaoki family; Tom and Rhonda Ratza; Wellguard Insurance Solutions; and Whitenight Ohana.

The foundation has completed 141 donations so far this year; our goal for the year is to collect at least 170. For a complete listing of teachers adopted and their donors or to make a donation, please visit www.AlamedaEducation.org.

Kathleen C. Woulfe
Alameda Education Foundation Adopt A Classroom chair