Letters to the Editor: Business owner supports Site A development plan

Letters to the Editor: Business owner supports Site A development plan

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am the co-owner-operator of Bladium Sports & Fitness Club at Alameda Point. We moved our business from San Francisco to Alameda over 15 years ago, and have grown to one of the largest employers at Alameda Point. Our facility hosts thousands of visitors each week and employs over 120 people.

We have been proud to operate at Alameda Point and can only continue if significant upgrades come to this part of the Island.

Site A promises to be a catalyst for redeveloping Alameda Point. The proposal for Site A will provide much of the infrastructure businesses need to operate. We cannot continue to serve our clients with aging roads and failing Internet, phone and other utilities. Site A is the minimum needed to provide some economies of scale for the infrastructure development; a bootstrap, site-by-site approach would cost two to three times as much!

We have seen many failed attempts to develop the Point. We are encouraged by the city’s vision and Alameda Point Partners’ plan to create a mixed-use community that will attract quality companies to build a durable and sustainable job base.

Site A promises well integrated retail and open space amenities, housing and transit. This will attract more companies like Wrightspeed, whose workforce wants to work where they live and play.

Alameda Point businesses want to continue to thrive and grow at this location. We support this plan and will work hard to ensure its success. Anything less will force us to look at alternative locations.

Brad Shook, president
Bladium Sports & Fitness Club