Letters to the Editor: City should move forward on Site A

Letters to the Editor: City should move forward on Site A

Letters to the Editor

After decades of public debate on the future of Alameda Point and a laudable community planning process, Alameda is finally in the late stages of negotiating the specifics of the first portion of the community plan for Site A on the old Naval Air Station. As a West End resident, I am excited to see the transformation of the remains of the buildings that won the war into a vibrant, mixed-use community beside our shoreline, in our own backyard.

In addition to helping alleviate the housing crisis on the Island, plans for Site A bring many additional benefits to our city, including a unique opportunity to locate residential space near commercial, retail and transit – providing housing and amenities for employees, and decreasing a dependence on cars in correspondence with a shift away from single-occupancy car trips in general.

Young Americans like myself are more connected than ever before, and in communities like Alameda at the heart of the Bay Area, the trend is towards traveling by bicycle, bus, ride-sharing, rail – and in an increasing number of cases, a combination of the above. I understand that some are skeptical about this shift away from car culture, but it is happening nationwide, and the Bay Area is a classic case study of these changes. Alameda would do well to plan for these rapidly evolving transit preferences, and by authorizing a citywide transportation study, our City Council has taken a step in this direction.

There is room for both new and old ways on our Island. I believe it’s time we move forward with Site A, as part of a greater plan for our community that works for all Alamedans.

Casey Sparks