Letters to the Editor: Harbor Bay Club move will reduce traffic

Letters to the Editor: Harbor Bay Club move will reduce traffic

Letters to the Editor
Harbor Bay Club

As a longtime member of the Harbor Bay Club, a strong supporter of the proposed new Harbor Bay Club and resident within the Headlands development of Harbor Bay Isle, I am very frustrated with the many misrepresentations that those who are opposed to the club have been stating regarding a number of topics. But specifically for this letter, I want to speak about traffic.

The Headlands development has 88 homes and for the past several months I have been taking note of the traffic during morning peak times. Additionally, I have watched and monitored the traffic going in and out of the Harbor Bay Club on Packet Landing Road as I am there almost every morning.

Based on what I have observed, and just plain common sense, it is very clear to me that the relocation of a new Harbor Bay Club into the business park will have a positive impact on the reduction of morning traffic at Island Drive and Packet Landing Road.

First of all, those members coming from the Main Island will use Doolittle/Harbor Bay Parkway to get to the new club, and those of us members who live within the Harbor Bay/Bay Farm Island community will use Mecartney, Maitland Drive, or go through the ferry parking lot to Harbor Bay Parkway. This will dramatically reduce the number of cars on Island Drive, Packet Landing Road and Robert Davey Drive.

Further, based on my observations of the traffic flow from 88 Headlands homes, I believe the traffic reports will show the number of cars generated by the proposed 80 new homes will be less than the current Harbor Bay Club traffic counts where we have approximately 4,000 members coming and going. We have homeowners leaving and returning from work just during peak hours and minor traffic throughout the day. With 80+ homes here, that’s 80+/- cars in and out during those peak hours. However, at the club in the morning and evening, hundreds come in and out of that parking lot during peak hours. I know because with only 130 parking spaces at the club, sometimes during those peak hours it is difficult to find a spot!

I think it is time for people to slow down their criticisms and wait until the real information is brought to the public when the independent environmental impact report comes out. There are many of us in favor of the new Harbor Bay Club, but we also want to be sure we have all the information before we state our positions. We ask that others do so as well. Let’s consider the needs of the many members who will benefit from a new club … and not focus on the baseless speculation from the few who seem eager to get ahead of the facts.

Catherine Bierwith


Submitted by mooty (not verified) on Tue, Sep 16, 2014

I do not agree the conclusion you made, based on people travel to business park from either main island or from bay farm that I seen and know of (not just what you though)

People from main island generally use doolittle, island drive and Mecarthy rd. it is shorter and intuitive

People from bay farm will (about 50%) either use Robert Davey Jr Drive + Aughinbaugh, or Robert Davey Jr. Drive + Mecarthy Jr Drive to get to business park.

Those using the route you envisioned are mostly people living off Alameda

easiest way is Start from business park and follow the car to verify my statement, they normally use the same route comming and leaving

Submitted by Donna Fletcher (not verified) on Fri, Sep 19, 2014

Routes to a new Club aside, adding 80-160 homes, and therefore 160-320 cars to Bay Farm Island WILL add to traffic on Bay Farm Island. Speaking of the proposed homes, why is HBIA playing games with the City about those new homes? They withdrew their application
but continue to make their intentions known (except to the City).