Letters to the Editor: A poem of celebration

Letters to the Editor: A poem of celebration

Letters to the Editor

Photo courtesy of Henry Villareal.

Here's a poem of celebration to thank the many Alameda residents who enthusiastically cheered the Alameda Gay Pride Float entry in the Fourth of July parade. Thank you for acknowledging and supporting the Alameda LGBTQ community, a growing and visible segment of the Island's population.

A Poem of Celebration

Today we met for a celebration,
The birthday of our still young nation,
Let's get together and throw a parade,
And show the world of what we're made-
Civic leaders, high school bands,
Prancing horses, everything grand,
But standing out amidst the mix,
Was the entry numbered eighty-six-
It flew a flag, it's one we know,
It flashed the colors of God's rainbow,
And those who walked or sat on the float,
Were motley too, and this we note,
Because in this town and on this day,
Americans marched, straight and gay,
Together we clapped, together we cheered,
Those once fearful, those once feared,
We danced to music, bubbles were chased,
Little by little, hate erased,
Yet we all know the job's not done,
There's work ahead, and not all fun,
The goal is lofty, we cannot fall,
Until there's liberty and justice for all.

Gene Kahane
Teacher, Encinal High School


Submitted by Karry Kelley on Fri, Jul 11, 2014

Thank you Gene for your beautiful words. It was a great day for a parade! Alameda certainly has come a long way!