Letters to the Editor: Thanks for aid to arson victims

Letters to the Editor: Thanks for aid to arson victims

Letters to the Editor

THANK YOU! Our Alameda community has been simply amazing in reaching out with copious time, abundant resources, heartfelt dedication and continuous energy in assisting all efforts to help arson victims from the multiple fires that took place on September 28.

On behalf of Friends of Saboor’s Arson Relief Fund (Saboor Zafari of Angela’s restaurant—whose new restaurant was burned in the fires just prior to its grand opening), I want to especially thank the owners of Alameda’s bars and eateries—Elks Lodge, Trabocco, Pappo, Café Q, Sidestreet Pho, American Oak, Speisekammer, East End Pizza Co., Bowzer’s Pizza, Lola’s Chicken Shack, Linguini’s Pizza, C’era Una Volta, Monkey King Pub & Grub, Lost Weekend, TASTE at McGee’s and Tucker’s Ice Cream. These businesses created and conducted numerous efforts throughout the week, including Sunday Fund Day, which provided fundraising from sunrise to sunset in a joyous eat, drink and be merry fashion!

Foremost thanks also go out to the City of Alameda, the Social Service Human Relations Board, Alameda Chamber of Commerce, the Alameda Sun, the Alameda Journal, Jim Franz, Joe Dalipe—whose outreach got the word out and the staffing/performing assistance needed.

Announcements of upcoming events for Saboor’s Arson Relief Fund are available via www.Angelas2go.com and www.GoFundMe.com/angelas.

Jeannie Graham