MAP: Pedestrian collisions, 2013

MAP: Pedestrian collisions, 2013

Michele Ellson

The Alameda Police Department provided pedestrian collision data for 2013 that we've assembled into this map. Data includes the time, date and location of the collisions, plus who was at fault and why.


Submitted by Steve Gerstle on Thu, Mar 27, 2014

I walk Webster Street each day and have had close calls over the years. If you notice on the map, these incidents are occurring at signalized instersections. Turning motorist either do not look for pedestrians or believe that they have the right-of-way. Turning right on red -- either with or without stopping -- is a problem. There is a free right turn at Buena Vista that does not even have a yield sign, so there is no safe time to cross.

I fully expect that one day I will either not make it to work or not make it home.

Submitted by Alan Smithee (not verified) on Thu, Mar 27, 2014

If you think crossing the street in Alameda is dangerous, you need to get off the island more. Take a look at what the rest of the world deals with: