Press release files: Alameda Fourth of July parade

Press release files: Alameda Fourth of July parade

Michele Ellson
Alameda Fourth of July Parade

Alameda's vaunted Fourth of July parade is coming up soon, and its approach is being heralded by press releases like this one from Paul Hauser, the media contact for the parade.

"The 2nd longest 4th of July parade in the nation requires healthy doses of planning and panic. In Alameda, CA a team of repeat volunteers is pulling together an annual event that involves cattle driving some 200 entries and 3,000 participants down a 3.2 mile route while an estimated 22,000 people watch the event. The parade committee holds its sanity with a lot of humor such as the parade entry who called asking on what day the 4th of July parade would take place.
For more detailed information regarding the Alameda Mayor's 4th of July Parade please go to the Parade's official web site at or contact me for more media information."


Submitted by Joseph (not verified) on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

I'll never forget the year we were marching our Cub Scouts and there was a group of religious zealots marching right behind us with big pictures of dead fetuses and yelling quotes from their bibles. Charming! I learned years ago to be out of town or on the bay on the 4th.