SLIDESHOW: A storm soaks Alameda

SLIDESHOW: A storm soaks Alameda

Michele Ellson

WET, WET, WET: A storm soaks Alameda. Photos by Michele Ellson.

Heavy rains and wind gusts turned roads into rivers Sunday morning, downed tree limbs and knocked out power for hundreds of Alameda homes and businesses.

Flood and wind advisories were in effect for Alameda County on Sunday morning as the National Weather Service forecast the rains to continue on and off until 4 p.m.

The rain flooded storm drains and left small lakes of water pooling all over the Island, with entire stretches of road covered on Mariner Square Drive and on Atlantic Avenue, where water sloshed over a curb. A city pumper truck was clearing a storm drain across from Historic Alameda High School on Sunday morning, and water pooled along curbs there and flooded the entrance to a nearby church.

Rain and winds felled a massive linden tree near Bay Street, which blocked the entirety of San Antonio Avenue but stopped just short of a home across the street from the tree. The tree – which brought a steady stream of curious onlookers – did not appear to have caused any property damage, and crews were working to dismantle and remove it Sunday morning, filling the air with the whine of power saws.

The storm also caused a nearly two-hour power outage for some 350 customers near the corner of Willow Street and Central Avenue that started at 6:30 a.m. and was fixed by 8:20 a.m., an Alameda Municipal Power representative said.

Off-Island, the storm wreaked havoc for commuters, causing another outage that shut down the entire BART system for an hour, flooding a MUNI tunnel serving San Francisco’s Church Street line and shutting highways all over the Bay Area.

The National Weather Service is predicting rains decreasing through Sunday afternoon and dry weather Monday, with lighter rains possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Up-to-date commute information is available at; and Alameda Municipal Power has some tips to prepare you for the next power outage.