Tuesday Night in Alameda: Extras edition

Tuesday Night in Alameda: Extras edition

Michele Ellson


Submitted by Tom (not verified) on Fri, Dec 5, 2014

If this is the actual intellectual method Daysog uses to make decisions on items before the city council we should begin a recall process on his term today!

Submitted by Rion Cassidy (not verified) on Mon, Dec 8, 2014

Without getting into all that was said here, the ole "we trust staff" mantra has been uttered at LOTS of council meetings! I wish that the intellectual methods were enough to get the residents active enough to actually think about recall elections. I really do. Too many residents are sitting back saying "the council knows what its doing..."
I keep remembering President Ronald Reagan's line: "trust but verify". I recently heard a story of how many police agencies across the country acquired excess military equipment from Homeland Security. The stories would have been funny if not so ridiculous. A lot of it had to be given back to Homeland Security because it just didn't make sense. I think in one case some police thought they needed a tank, but then realized that they had no where to park the thing and no idea how to get parts for it. And of course, where would they actually use it?