VIDEO: Alameda's Dreidel Factory

VIDEO: Alameda's Dreidel Factory

Donna Eyestone

When Anne Lipow became frustrated about her inability to find anything but cheap, plastic dreidels she decided to design and manufacture her own, starting The Dreidel Factory in 1974. Her daughter, Stephanie, has fond memories of the time they spent together at street fairs, selling the wooden tops Anne and her business partners made in the family’s Berkeley garage.

Nearly four decades later, Stephanie Lipow decided to re-start her late mother’s business, hand-crafting dreidels from salvaged redwood in her garage in Alameda. The Hebrew letters are individually burned into the four-sided tops, which are sanded and sealed with non-toxic linseed oil and beeswax.

Videographer Donna Eyestone caught up with Lipow recently, and she put together this story about her work; the dreidels are available for sale on the new Dreidel Factory website, linked about. Meanwhile, with Hanukkah set to start this week, we’ve got a graphic that explains how to play the dreidel game.


Submitted by Cturnover on Mon, Nov 25, 2013

So lovely to see Stephanie and the girls carrying on a wonderful tradition!