Alameda Free Library

Marie Gilmore was shocked when she saw Madeline L’Engle’s award-winning 1962 science fiction novel “A Wrinkle in Time” on a list of banned and challenged books.

“I read it when I was a child and my daughter read it also,” Alameda’s mayor said. “We just happened to be discussing the book a few weeks ago, so when I saw it on the list, I decided to read it.”

Alameda Free Library patrons have an alternative to the traditional stack of books they can check out of the system’s three libraries: The library and more than a dozen others have partnered to offer titles that can be downloaded onto your Nook, Kindle or iPad.

Alameda’s library system is part of the Northern California Digital Library, which offers eBooks, audiobooks and music free of charge to patrons of the consortium’s partner libraries. Digital titles can be downloaded and used for up to 21 days; all users need is a device to read them on, and a library card and PIN.