Autobody Fine Art

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A plan to build 414 new homes in and around an historic Del Monte warehouse all but sailed through the Planning Board on Monday, though Planning Board members voted to hold off on okaying a required traffic management plan until some fixes are made. The City Council is expected to consider approving the project on November 18. Here’s our tweet by tweet.

Jamie Banes and Silvie Lukacova have occupied studio space at Autobody Fine Art for the past two years, and when a break in the gallery’s exhibition schedule permitted, they self-curated a two-person show.

Studio 23 Gallery is run by Wesley and Jessica Warren - Wes and Jess - a couple who met in 1994 at Wes’s coffee house/art gallery in St. Petersburg, Fla. when Jess brought her paintings in and had a show there. The couple moved to Alameda from Atlanta a year ago with the intention of focusing more on their painting.

David Burke at the opening of “Pump & Dump Prosperity.” Photo by Michael Singman-Aste. Click the photo for a slideshow featuring David Burke's art.

When David Burke returned from a year and a half in Thailand last year, he felt a “fracture.” While there, “I gave myself permission to indulge myself with the landscape, made paintings that celebrated the beauty of the landscape," he says. "During that time I reconnected with the natural world and fell in love with it.” Upon his return he found himself “mourning the loss of it.”

No doubt about it, this is a tough time to be an artist. The extended recession is drastically limiting would-be patrons’ disposable income, and forcing some galleries out of business. Autobody Fine Art was one of these. In February 2011 they ceased hosting exhibits on a regular basis, and converted much of its space into artist studios.