June 5 election

Redistricting efforts mean that Alameda will have a new Congressional representative come November for the first time in two decades. So how different will the representation of our likely new rep, Barbara Lee, be from our current one, Pete Stark?

“I don’t think it will change that much,” said Elizabeth Bergman, an assistant political science professor at California State University, East Bay.

Gary the elevator mechanic voted no on the proposed Measure C sales tax increase because he didn’t think the city needed the money, and because he was concerned the increase would drive businesses off the Island.

The police just bought a number of new Dodge Chargers a few years back, said Gary, who assured me I didn’t need his last name as we chatted on the sun-dappled sidewalk outside the polls at Edison School on Tuesday evening. And he’s still frustrated about the millions in losses the city incurred when Alameda Municipal Power decided to get into the cable business, along with bait-and-switch ballot measures, U.S. foreign policy and poor parenting.

Updated at 12:46 a.m. Wednesday, June 6

Alameda’s voters said no Tuesday to paying more sales taxes for city vehicles and a host of new and improved facilities, decisively spurning the proposed Measure C sales tax.