K Gallery

Making great art requires great talent, and a little luck. Whether pressing a shutter release or dragging a brush across canvas, the outcome is uncertain.

From Small - Rhythmix

Rosie Morales had been up all night finishing installation of “Small Worlds,” the show she has curated in K Gallery at Rhythmix Cultural Works. But rather than resting on her laurels, grabbing a beer and schmoozing, she plucked one of her own pieces off the wall.

“I think I’ll add more text to this one,” she said, and plopped down against a wall.

Photos provided by the artists and by Michael Singman-Aste; click photo for slideshow.

Book clubs often start with intentions of sophisticated critical review, dissecting the motivations of the protagonist and tying their undoing to those of archetypes in Greek drama. However, after a few weeks of asking, “did anyone read the book?” their members typically opt to make popcorn and just watch the video instead, and finally disband.